Cycling 101  

 what to eat 



We recommend eating something light and healthy before every cycling class. You will be working hard during your workout, and it is important to fuel your body before any type of fitness activity. 


 what to wear 



Express your style! We love to see the personality of our Synergy community, but we would recommend wearing something comfortable and not too heavy. The room will seem cold when you first enter, but you will quickly start sweating! Our studio is "byos" (bring your own socks), but we will provide the shoes! 


 what to bring 



At synergy, we provide all of the necessary equipment for your ride, but be sure to bring a water bottle to keep yourself hydrated during your workout. Some people also like to bring an extra pair of clothes because we promise you will be soaked with salty goodness by the end of your class!

The only other thing to bring is a good attitude and excitement for this ultra rewarding experience!


 what to expect 



After you have signed up for your class online and reserved your bike number, you are all set! We ask that you arrive about 15 minutes before the start time of your class so that you can have ample time to get set up. 


When you enter the studio, simply check in on an ipad, go to the cubby that has your bike number on it, grab your shoes, clip in, and ride! We will be playing music during the ride, so if you have any hearing sensitivities, please let one of our staff members know so that we can provide you with earplugs.


If you have any questions about how to customize your bike settings perfectly for you, anyone in the studio will be happy to help... don't be shy!